Went to DD7s third grade parents night and the teacher talked a bit about the kids book reports.
DD7 had insisted on doing HP5 (we talked her out of doing HP7 on account of its not being fair to spoil the ending for the large majority of kids in her grade who hadnt read the series yet). A boy did HP1 so he went first and DD7 after. English not being our first language, and formal English lessons only having started at the beginning of third grade, the boy mispronounced Hermiones last name as Grung-gahr.
DD7 gets up for her report, turns to the boy (whos probably 9 or going to be soon) and tells him [dude], its Hemione Grainn-jjer! And, the teacher said, she did this in such a charming and endearing way the boy totally accepted it!

I know I still havent completely gotten over my compulsive correctors habit, and would have been completely incapable of stopping myself at DDs age, so I am very happy that somehow at least she is managing to do it in a socially acceptable way.

Probably helps that she is much cuter than I ever was...and teachers like her and have been in complete support of the grade skip.

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