I told dd4.8 today that she should spend some time doing creative writing everyday- write and illustrate your own stories. She asked me if it needed to be fiction. I said no, it can be non-fiction. So she went up to her homeschool and 1/2 hour later came out with a two page story titled "Newton and Gravity". The illustration depicted Newton standing under an apple tree with an apple falling (arrows showed exactly how it fell on his head). A dialog bubble above newton read," Hey! Why is the apple falling down instead of going up?" The text on the next page read: the apple fell on Isaac newton. And he found out there was a force.
Ps. She has been doing a lot of experiments lately to understand the relationship between gravity and friction, which she believes are two opposing forces. The bragworthy part is she is discovering a lot of the concepts without any prior exposure and I am just labeling them and adding historical context.