DH and DS19mo picked up some library books on hold and were reading a lovely picture book on space (for anyone interested, it's titled "Big and Small, Room for All".)

A few pages in, DH gives me a queasy/impressed look and says, "I opened the page and he identified Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Earth, our moon, and Mercury right away by sight." Then, on the last page showing micro-organisms, DS correctly identified Protista, which DH found pretty trippy. I wasn't too surprised, since he's known those things for a while, but DH seemed shocked.

On a more casual note, these also made me smile:

1. DS and I had a blast yesterday morning planting our first balcony garden! He already knows all the plants' names and woke up asking to water the honeysuckle and begonias.

2. DS has discovered the joy of psyching his parents out. This sequence, or one like it, happened several times this morning.

Me: Would you like to go to the grocery store with Mummy and Daddy?

DS: Yes, to grocery shopping now please....NOT! (*devilish giggles*)


Heavens, I'm so glad to be able to share these not-quite-brags here.