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That's amazing to me. I have aphantasia, which means I don't have a mind's eye, can't form mental images, etc. I'd love to be able to remember books and things (study notes!) just by recalling the image. What a gift!
I'm in between - I have a solid mind's eye but not an eidetic memory. I didn't think that eidetic memories actually existed, to be honest. It was so cool to see him gesturing as though he could see it as clearly as if it were on a computer screen! He literally pointed to each letter as he spelled out the word "window".

It's no wonder human beings are constantly in conflict with one another. This is such a minor example of it but ultimately, we're all stuck seeing the world from our own vantage point/reality, not knowing what other people's worlds are truly like. Though I suppose competing interests might have a role to play in it too. In any case, I digress. smile