I'm back with another. We're in a fun/exhausting phase.

We had a horrendous day for behaviour with DS3, I would say the worst behaviour he's ever had in his life. He was sent to time-out four times and lost toy or book privileges three times. In total, that's more discipline than he's faced in the last few months. He's making some substantial cognitive leaps, so I suspect the outbursts are a product of a brain in a heightened state of change.

Case in point with weird behaviour/cognitive growth: a half hour long oral exposition of an imaginary creature called a "Boo". Boos, I learned at DS' "symposium on Boos", are characterized by the following:

- they are much taller and fiercer than yetis, as proved by three imaginary side-by-side photo comparisons, with hair (as distinct fro yetis' fur)
- Boos' hair is akin to feathers, is stiff, descends from theropods' feathers, and is blue on the exterior. When viewed under magnification greater than 2,000x, you can see fissures of yellow behind the blue.
- Boos are cannibals, but do not eat their nuclear or immediate extended family (to a common grandparental ancestor), and they are solitary hunters.
- Tribes of Boos gather after a hunt in blue nests shaped like the creatures themselves.
- Boos hide spookily in human homes, but are no threat to humans, other than for the fact that they like to steal desserts.
- exactly 10 juvenile Boos are hatched out of eggs in each litter.
- Boos cannot die, except through suicide, which follows a common ritualistic pattern across the species. Boos never bathe until the moment of death, at which point they take a mud bath,then spin themselves until they are so dizzy that their brain self-destructs. The impetus for death is inordinate boredom.
- A 9 year old juvenile Boo named Harold, who is shorter than DS, visited us bearing gifts of chocolate and poison. His father had just committed ritual suicide and his mother had hatched 10 new babies.

I found this development on the Boo concept both frighteningly ghoulish and fascinating.
DS clearly found the Boo character hilarious. He even imitated the Haka face Boos make to intimidate yetis.

What is to give light must endure burning.