I loved reading these!

Some of them reminded me of some things my DD said/did.

At around 2.5 she was drawing a picture at school and an older child asked what she was making and she said "spirals". The older child (around 4) said "what are spirals?"

At a little over 3 she loved They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science. She would always go around singing the Bloodmobile song. "We begin in the heart's right ventricle and travel to the lungs. Red blood cells get oxygen to take back to the heart. Then from the left side of the heart and out to every cell. Delivered by the Bloodmobile."

At around this age, I also gave her a periodic table and she responded, "This is so cool!" She then took it to show and tell at preschool. The other kids just kind of stared when she started explaining what was on the paper.

And also very regularly while we are driving she will ask some question and we will get into a conversation about that topic. "Why do we always have to put gas in our car?" So we talk for 20 minutes on the way to school about internal combustion engines. I don't think this is a conversation I would have with a typical 4 year old.