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i think most parents here would say nearly everyone assumes that we're all strapping our kids down and generally flash-carding to them to death when nothing could be farther from the truth!
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I had the second trimester parent-teacher meeting last Friday with the math teacher. She went on and on about how my DS has only 2 more years left to be a kid (he is in 3rd grade) and that middle school meant heavy responsibilities and could I please let DS play in the summer at least this year instead of doing math? And could I stop all those unnecessary after school math classes because she teaches awesome math? And that DS seems to know every thing already and it is unfairly ruining the "discovery" aspect of math for the other kids when DS blurts out the answers.
I told her that DS attends camps in the summer (hands on science camp and sports camp) and we have never sent him to after school math classes. She does not believe me crazy