just got hooked on Warriors last week, after bouncing off the first book last year -- too many pages, too small print). I think it is because they are so very predictable, and yes he was able to articulate that he liked not to be stressed out worrying about things turning out OK in the end. He hates scary stories.

Hmm--you may want to be aware that characters DO die in Warriors. Admittedly they go up to some type of kitty heaven or something, but they die. DD wept over several Warriors books. It's not like Rainbow Fairies, etc where everything always ends happily/the same...

Also, whoa, thank you for the glimpse into the seamy underside. I recently did tell DD about the writing factories behind Rainbow Magic/Warriors and now she is all scornful and suspicious and keeps asking me if other books with many installments are like this. (What IS the right name for that? It's not really ghost writer or pen name. Sock puppet? Group pseudonym?)