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DD: "In real life, Santa and fairies are just pretend but in books and movies, they are real characters."

SO and I need to think about how to best approach this. I'm not surprised but it is a little sad nonetheless.
How precious her observations are, and how gently expressed! You were wise to have a conversation before the subject comes up with others. With some kiddos, it was quickly agreed that it was fun to "pretend" and quietly observe what others may know, without bursting anyone's bubble. Possibly your child will feel this way, too. Some children easily realize that everyone comes to an understanding of what is real and what is make-believe, in their own time.

There is a song with lyrics including,
"Toyland, Toyland,
wonderful girl and boy land,
once you cross it's borders
you can never go back again."
That is a sad thought to some kiddos. Maybe a bit of what you are feeling at the moment, seeing your dd is growing in her realization of the world? Some families have decided they can be kids at any time, essentially challenging the song lyrics. Families may have an impromptu pajama day, eat dinner as a tea party, go sledding, or make happy family memories with other simple innocent fun that people do not need to "outgrow" or leave behind while becoming responsible adults. smile