A typical weeknight after homework usually involves some 1-on-1 time with DD8 and I, followed by some family movie time, if it's not too late. So it was pretty unusual when DD finished her homework and decided she was going to play dolls with her mom.

It was unusual enough that DD asked DW, "Do you think he'll get mad that I wanted to play with you?" She asked me directly later, when I was putting her to bed. I assured her that she's the daughter to both of us, and there's only one her, so we have to share her.

Then she explained it to me this way: "I wanted to spend time with Mom today because I'm going trick-or-treating with you tomorrow."

And then, she made up her mind to work out a schedule, so we'd have a daddy-day, a mommy-day, and then an all-of-us-day.

It's so cute to see that she's not waiting for old age to set in before she starts taking care of us.