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I think I just found a cheaper solution to my child's anxieties than therapy (not really but it's working for the moment)


She just told me, "It's hard to be angry at stuff when you are popping bubble wrap."

Hey, Cass, they have a bubble wrap keychain on ThinkGeek.com -- it's got four little bubbles on it, and I believe it makes the noise when you squish one. I don't actually have it, but I've thought about it as a stocking stuffer for my addicts. smile

My silly boy is working frantically on the last (or, rather, the first, because he didn't do them the first few weeks of class) four extra credit projects in his e-school video game design class, to bring his grade up. From 103.7 percent. Because it's "not high enough". He wasn't worried about his C in science that he got because he rarely turned anything in, but the video game design grade is killing him.