this was a few months ago... DD's teacher told us that DD was sitting on a friend and it was not clear to the teacher why DD sat on her.

DH: Who did you sit on?
DD2: I sat on S.
DH: why did you sit on S?
DD2: because I knocked her over
DH: Why did you knock her over?
DD2: S tell the teacher
DH: What did S tell the teacher?
DD2: I took her toy.

and same DD refuses to talk to my mother on the phone. She will only talk to my dad... we ask "do you want to visit grandma and grandpa?" and she would say "not grandma. Just grandpa". Luckily my mother just thinks it is hilarious (my father is very serious by nature, and DS4 even once commented "grandpa is kind of stern, isn't he?").