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YES, this.

Ugh. So glad to be past that stage. I know, I know-- she was reading, she was happy... I just found the entire thing insipid as all get-out.

I guess it's no worse than my penchant for trashy Regency novels in between more serious fare, though. wink

I have way too many romance novels but since I consider it my time out from the real world I think it's quite okay. I read other things too but I have too much real life in my real life. I want my books to be an escape from that. It gives me a chance to be somewhere else for a time. I think that's the same for our kids sometimes. Real life can be just too much for them but their books are an escape to something or somewhere else no matter if it's good writing or poor it can still be an escape. Unless you have one of those little ones that poor writing drives them bonkers and they can't get past it...LOL.


"Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor