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Speaking to preschool teacher for DS3...

Teacher: he loves to pretend to read to the other kids.
Me: He does read fluently.
Teacher: It's almost like he can! Any book we pull up, he remembers the story -- word for word!
Me: He actually can read.
Teacher, laughing: He sure makes it look that way, doesn't he!
Lol. There are none so blind as those who will not see... Next time you see that they've put up a new adult-directed notice, lift him up and let him read that. Not that I've btdt or anything :-)

Yes, we had no problem with this because when we took DS to the preschool to register, he was wandering around the office, reading the registration forms and notices and paperwork on the director's desk, out loud. She couldn't have been this blind even if she had been inclined!