No, Aquinas, it's not wrong!! I think Chuck E Cheese could be more tolerable with wine, though smile

DD, in grade one, came home really upset from school. They've started a new unit on money (identifying coins). DD already knows all of the material but she's happy because the teacher has been differentiating/exempting her from tasks that are way too easy.

Anyway, she was mad because they were supposed to talk about money but then the teacher gave the students a choice: watch a Franklin video or learn about money. They voted and watched the Franklin video. DD was so frustrated. She said she was the only one who wanted to learn anything and "Why would anyone want to watch a Franklin video instead of learn?"

She was also frustrated when the Space unit turned out to be about identifying 2D shapes instead of calculating the time it takes to cross the galaxy.

Her expectations are a bit different than the actual curriculum...

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