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As I was loosening the adjustable waist band for her I thought back to the first time I told her "you are growing like a weed".

oh, this brings back the memories. when i was in K, my mum looked at my (yet again) too-short sleeves and casually joked, "wow, i hope you're not going to turn out to be a Neanderthal!" i was really serious about evolution at the time, so i was too horrified to think she might be kidding, and i spent months trying to jam my arms back into their sockets - so that people wouldn't guess the awful truth: that i was an evolutionary throwback.

i think i was about twenty by the time i even mentioned this "trauma" to my mum, so good on your DD for speaking up! smile

Every Sunday it brooded and lay on the floor. Inconveniently close to the drawing-room door.