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DS5 is very into anatomy too. We got the Visibile Body app. Kind of pricey at around $40 but worth it.

SO cool! since i gave DD5 my laptop, i've been hoarding the iPad... but for this - i will make an exception. she is obsessed with surgery - she watches all kinds on YouTube - but her main complaint is that it's often hard to see what's happening as clearly as she'd like. so this is... right up her street.

thank you!!!

One of the very few public outbursts ever from my DD was when she was about four-ish. She picked up a paperback of Gray's Anatomy off of a sale rack outside of the local Waldenbooks at the mall-- and was so smitten with it that at the end of a quite generous 20 minutes of perusal, she INSISTED that we purchase this for her. When we refused (on the grounds that... I mean.... how weird is this?? FOUR.YEAR.OLD), she pitched a major hissy fit. To the point that other adults were inquiring what the trouble was and giving us nasty looks... one grandmotherly type picked up a children's book from the same rack and said "look, I don't believe in depriving children of books-- I will pay for the book for her..." blush

but she quickly changed her tune (and gave us the hairy eyeball-- especially DD) when we explained that: a) no, it was Gray's Anatomy that she wanted, not the children's picture book, and b) throwing a fit was going to get her a lesson in "this isn't how we get things we want."

What a funny incident, though.

ETA: I do regret not buying it for her. My logic was that it wasn't generally normative enough, and that is NOT a good enough reason.

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