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DS5 wants to communicate with the ants and get them to stop biting them. Only, he's pretty sure they speak a special ant language. So first he made a key (A = this squiggly, B = this other squiggly, etc) and then wrote them a polite letter in this other ant language he has made up, explaining why they shouldn't bite him any more. He seems to think this is going to work.

You might be surprised by how well this works. I used to live in a place where my bedroom was on the basement level and I'd get ants that would march across my bed. Somebody suggested asking them to leave, so I would do that, saying something like, "Look, guys, I want to respect all life, but you're up in my space and I'd really appreciate it if you'd go somewhere else."

They always would. They'd come back, but they'd be gone for a few days...