DS20mo spent a large part of yesterday making up stories about an imaginary ruffled grouse (his choice protagonist) who is, apparently, the master of operating all types of construction and transportation equipment. The stories went along the lines of:

"Mummy, see ruffled grouse off inside distance? Ruffled grouse is manoeuvring crane truck, lowering cement drum to cement mixer. See! Ruffled grouse is lifting drum to roof of condo for construction crew. Ruffled grouse has big green bulgy eyes."

I've also been regaled with the antics of a mouse with "big blue bulgy eyes" who often joins us at the playground, a crocodile with "snappy jaws" under our couch, and a moose on the upstairs balcony who "bellows at pigeons" to protect our plants.

Oh, and the garbage trucks...our passion du jour. Lord help me if we so much as walk by a garbage can! DS will launch into a lengthy diatribe about the process of garbage collection in minute detail, from curbside collection to incineration/recycling/burial. Who ever knew there was so much to love about trash? smile

What is to give light must endure burning.