Here's one for you:

DS6: Mom, nothing can live inside a black hole, right?
Me: Right.
DS6: Okay, but if no one has ever escaped from one, how do we know that's true?
Me: I see your point.
DS6: What if black holes are really just a way to travel from one galaxy to the next?
Me: Hmmmm. . .you mean like a worm hole?
DS6: No, a worm hole is a worm hole. I think black holes get you from one galaxy to the next FASTER than a worm hole. That's my theory.

Two days later, I'm about to drop him off at school, and right before he gets out of the car, he says, "Mom, when I'm a scientist, I will agree with the other scientists who say that there are multiple universes. Really, it just makes sense." I stammer out, "Alright, then. Have a wonderful day at school, honey!" Then I drive away thinking, "how the heck is he going to be challenged in first grade today?"