It's not every 16yo who campaigns passionately and with the ferocity of a masterful litigator for a third-party presidential candidate, extolling the virtues of this person to a skeptical and only moderately interested (but VOTING) parent while undergoing emergency treatment for a massive and out of control asthma flare. Yes, she whipped out her smart phone and gave me quotes and everything-- voting record, even. I'm awed that she even knew to LOOK.

But hey-- she was pretty persuasive and impassioned re: healthcare as a human right during this process. She didn't like the candidate's immigration views or stance on nuclear energy, however. But on the other hand, she was talking to me more about politics much more coherently than 90% of other voting adults I've known in my life, quite honestly.

It was funny when she sighed deeply (thanks, nebulized meds, for that at least) and informed me that it is deeply unfortunate because there's little chance that such a person CAN be elected given the electoral system as it stands, however...


I'm not even going to bother noting WHO this candidate is, since the unrepentant socialists among us (my DD included) probably already love him, and everyone else won't care. Besides, the anecdote isn't really about the person's politics so much as the tenacious and precocious behavior of my DD under fairly bizarre circumstances.

I'm laughing out loud at the Sondheim gem above. Wow. Who knew that my DD had so many kindred spirits in the world? grin

I also routinely throw away glow sticks that have gone to the freezer for a little "R&R" in the morning. Usually she forgets about them in about a month. They will sometimes last for as long as a week if you keep them cold, though. Just noting. wink

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.