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I'm of two minds about these ped conversations at an early age. On the one hand, it's nice to have a ped noticing and talking about these things. On the other, I didn't love it when my ped told me in tones of (basically) horror that I would absolutely have to homeschool my DD when she was all of 14 months old. It hasn't turned out to be true, and it FREAKED me the heck out.

At least your DD demonstrated her true nature to your pedi.

DS has a very looooooooonnnnnngggggg memory and would begin crying at the entrance to the pediatrician when he was a year old. He was an incoherent mess and we finally left that office because of his memory of shots, ear-irrigations, etc. there. He's much more open with his new doctor. smile

BTW...To this day he relates how scared he was about the nurse checking his heart when he was born! I don't know if this is a true memory (it can't be at birth, can it?) or if it's another time at a "well-baby" appointment. He describes the nurse in detail. eek

He's very leery about any and all doctor's visits since. Although he has loosened up with his WONDERFUL dentist office. He questioned the woman giving him his x-ray about the safety, etc. Then he proceeded to question the other hygienist about fluoride in his mouthwash. They just chuckled and answered everything! Love that!