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We have color arguments at the house ALL. THE. TIME.

I refuse to be moved from the proposition that the second property group from Go on the Monopoly board is a bluish gray, far more gray than blue, so "blue-gray" or "gray" are acceptable descriptions, but never "blue." Also, the third property group is close enough to the boundary between dark pink/purple that either "pink" or "purple" are acceptable.

My optometrist told me that everyone has slightly different limits to their color spectrum, and it is broadly gender linked. Men see further into the blue and not as far into the red as women (with a lot of variation within genders). DH had I regularly have arguments about my grey sweatshirt (blue to him).

I teach a class where color perception is important, and we often encounter this issue in grading lab assignments. Blue/grey is most often the different (my key says grey, a lot of the male students and the occasional female student writes blue), with pink/red/purple being second most commonly different from my key.