(DD playing a lengthy piece of music on her instrument--sounds pretty good but she's having to guess and fix some notes here and there. She has a piece of sheet music in front of her.)

Me: Hmm. I thought you said you knew all your band music and didn't need to practice. (DD has been practicing other music since she says her band music is too easy.)

DD: Oh, this isn't THIS music. (gestures to sheet music)

Me: So you're playing the music for the other band again? (DD wants to be in the higher-level band even though she just started playing, and keeps ogling other sax players' sheet music and remembering it.)

DD: Well, the other band is playing it...buuuut this isn't the sax part.

Me: Whose part is it?

DD: I don't know. It's how it sounds, though.

DH despaired of the fact that this child did not seem to have musical talent (he's very musical). I think he's going to have to eat his words.