Not surprisingly, DD is on such overly familiar terms there that she refers to him as "Algy" and spouts irreverent quotes at random. grin

The Rach is back at the Bach BWV 779 as I type, in point of fact. Since her teacher isn't here to stop her, I guess. I know her well, though-- I just bet her that she couldn't play it as FAST as Kris Becker's smoking 45 seconds of Baroque mayhem.

Her response? "Challenge accepted." (I'm fairly cunning in my way, because there's pretty much no way to play it fully articulated AND that fast-- at something close to 150, I'm guessing-- without lightening the touch on the left hand. LOL) I didn't even bother telling her what I was betting; no need.

ETA: Ten minutes later and it's becoming clear that she's out to prove me wrong. She's kept the Rachmaninoff touch and has it up to a rock steady 138 and rising. :shakes head:

I've often said that my DD's theme song is Sid Vicious' rendition of My Way.

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