So today's re-purposed object was foam earplugs...

...first, wedged in equally spaced rows along wire shelf. Those were villi., found some on the floor in an intricate, symmetrical design. DS3 pronounced those a "____agon" (remember image, already forgot name).

...last, others sprinkled with flour during cookie baking. DS thought those villi needed food.

In OE overdrive after reading the fantastic illustrations in "The Way We Work", DS3 set out to re-enact glucose balancing. Overheard him excitedly talking to himself during imaginary play about glycogen, insulin, binding, etc. Later on he was dejected because the book is only 7 chapters.

Throughout the day, I have to constantly stay in character for whatever is the imaginary play scenario-of=the-day and address him accordingly - am I Ms. Frizzle, the rat in Beakman's world, a water molecule?? By the end of the day, I feel like the foam earplug.