DD13 decides she is going to create a YouTube channel with gaming videos - it's an activity she's already doing and enjoying, so if she captures videos and those put anything in her pocket, it's essentially found money. All good points. She asks me to help her with the technical challenges involved. I have no experience specifically in this, but I'm a technical guy, we can work together, search around, and figure out what she needs in software (and hardware, if any), analyze different products and their feature sets, price shop, etc.

Just then, a friend becomes available to play, and nothing more is said about it.

Two days later, out of the blue, DD says, "Dad, I've been working with a video capture and editing product, and I've made a couple of videos with it already. It does what I need it to do, I find it easy to use, and I've already invested time in learning it. The free trial ends tomorrow, but there's a limited-time offer to buy it at a third of its listed price. I've looked at several other products, and they all go for around the full price of this one. What should I do?"

After a couple of short questions are answered, I say, "Buy it."

So glad I could... help?