Background: dd8 went to a school last year that used abeka in 2nd grade and it was extremely easy for her and she likes easy. She is now homeschooling, and over summer we did singapore 3 which she blew through and started the year with 4a. It was tougher but she did the semester in 6 weeks. Now we are starting Abeka 5 bc considering we went so fast, the repition of abeka will be good, but remember this kid doesn't like to have to think to hard.

Conversation in Sams with as much drama as you can imagine.
Dd8: mom, you make my brain hurt. Its going to explode. Its going to get bigger and bigger and then explode.
Dd10: your brain is going to grow the size of an elephant and you will be a big head with legs.
Me: your brain will not explode, you will just get smarter.
Dd8:mom, you are not seeing the future here. My brain is a muscle that will get bigger and bigger and then explode. I will be 9 or 10 yrs old having a funeral because my brain exploded.I don't want to die. I want to have 10 kids.