Oh ultramarina - 20 questions becomes a completely different thing, doesn't it smile

My DS11 is interested in habitats, so he had us fill up a sterlite container full of water, add some dechlorinator, and he grabbed a couple of water plants from our pond. He said he couldn't wait for life to come to his little habitat. Fast forward a couple of weeks, he started yelling excitedly - we have life we have life! I go out to look and yep, we have life all right- massive amounts of mosquito larvae! I told him that he himself had told me that mosquitos were the most dangerous insects in the world (he said oh mom that's just the malaria ones, and they aren't here) I told him that where we live it's illegal to breed mosquitos (it is, but he said I can't kill innocents). So I said, okay, let's see what is missing from your ecosystem- predators! He agreed to let me get some mosquito fish, and along with a net over the container to keep any opportunistic mosquitos from escaping into the wild, we have balanced the food web. wink