Elizabeth, that's a great idea. Actually, DS is home for a semester, that would be good for him. One gentleman was hanging out in the dining room this afternoon. The activities director told me that was huge because he never wanted to leave his room except for meals. He's one of my dad's dinner buddies and a nice guy. I wanted to go get my dad to join him, but he was sick today. When he's better I will make a point of getting them together outside of meals.

RRD, around here schools vary on whether they require volunteer hours, but they all allow students to log them for awards. But staff told me today that the problem is volunteers and employees need a TB vaccination, and not everyone has had it. Oddly, though, they do not require it of families. Hmm.

We were talking about a Lego program today, and the activities director told me they'd like to start one but they need Duplos, not Lego, to prevent accidental swallowing. I told her I still have a binful of Duplos if they want them!

Turns out the guy who teaches Spanish was in for rehab, he lives in the independent living apartments across the street. He was a Spanish teacher before he retired, and after his rehab he wanted to offer the class to "give back".

And RRD, that is very insightful about unicorns and magic! I suppose that would apply to all creatures with magical powers? The possibilities of the universe taking that turn boggle the mind.