DD4 woke up this morning with a twinkle in her eyes as she declared," I had a dream about building my own flying machine. Do you have an old LL Bean box you don't need anymore?" And so started a busy morning for DD as she set about "invading" (honey, it is inventing. Oh, I thought it was invasion. No, honey, it is invention. Okay) her flying machine with LLbean shoe box covered with vaseline (it does get cold up there and I don't want dry skin while I am up there for a few days), lots of yarn, a belt (mom, safety first. I don't want to fall and hit my head), markers to mark + signs all over the box (plus for positive. I want this to be a positive experience). I am secretly enjoying watching all this from the kitchen. DD stops at a point and says," Awww. Too much confusion. Mom I need to have a discussion." Okay, what is it. " I want to carry a radio and speakers on the machine but if I add too much, the weight goes up. I may need more helium balloons. But I can't be up there for so long without music. I guess I will have to glue the radio and speaker to the box and add 2 more balloons." Discussion (monologue) over. After 2 hours, "mom, I am ready to test this thing". "Is it done". "No, mom. Have to test it at every stage. Cant be building it wrong." Yup, the belt fits nicely around her waist, it is tied tightly to the box with glued on stuff. It is working good so far. She took a break at noon to eat. I need to buy her lots of helium balloons this evening to finish the invention. The best part is it was snowing outside and DD has been waiting for this day but she decided to stay inside instead so " I can finish this machine before I have to go to college. Don't want to wait till the last minute." Sorry this got long but I had an entertaining morning watching DD build and talk continuously.