When we have wine with dinner, we pour DS4 a tablespoon or so into his own dessert wine glass to sip with his meal. He loves wine! Like, actually, genuinely appreciates the different tastes and enjoys savouring the sips.

The other day, he was snacking on some Brie when I told him, "You know, DS, you'd love this kind of adult party called a wine and cheese, where you stand around talking while drinking wine and eating cheese."

His eyes lit up and he said, "Can we make my 5th birthday party a wine and cheese?"

When I told him that most parents don't let their children drink wine, and that most children don't like it, he seemed nonplussed. Without missing a beat he replied, "That's okay. We can make it adults only. We want to make sure the party is appropriate for the people we invite."

Is it wrong that I'm glad he thinks "wine and cheese" rather than "Chuck E Cheese" for parties? Bad Aquinas!

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