Ametrine, it sounds like a great dental office if they just go with the flow. Love it.

Ultramarina, I hear you. I was just reassured that the paed seemed to have an intrinsic interest in and knowledge of the gifted literature. We spent a good while (probably 20 minutes) chatting about asynchrony, the importance of nurturing emotional needs, finding friends and relatable peers, and the goals of special Ed in Canada. We didn't agree on everything, but it was refreshing to have my hunches validated by a third party.

As to education planning, that's the kind of bridge we'll cross when we get to it, paed advice aside. DS has a lot of maturing to do between now and 4-5; I don't think it would do him justice to make a decision without fuller information about his interests and abilities. This is really early. So, I agree! smile It does make it easy that I'm open to homeschooling K-1, but I would also like to explore creating a tailor made school.

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