Conversations with a 24-month-old

DH and DS2 return from a walk, and DH relays this conversation to me:

Conversation 1

DS: Let's go downstairs and watch the subway trains.

DH: Sorry buddy, I don't have a pass anymore or any tokens, either. Mum has the tokens.

DS: Then let's walk home, take the elevator upstairs, get the tokens out of Mummy's wallet, take the elevator back downstairs, walk to the subway station, go downstairs into the station, put the token in the box, then go down to the tracks to see the trains.

DH: You know how tokens work?

DS (exasperated): Yes! You put the token into the box in the subway station and then you walk through the machine.

DS also wasn't told where the tokens were kept.
Conversation 2

Later, DS' mittens kept falling off, and DH would put them back on loosely to keep DS' hands at least partially warm.

DH: There! That's better than nothing.

DS: No, that isn't better than nothing.

Conversation 3

Me: Okay DS, we need to leave now to go swimming. Can you please choose 1 truck to bring.

DS: How about 3 trucks? Do we have a deal?

Me: I think one for each hand is reasonable. You're running out of hand space.

DS: I can hold two trucks in one hand.

Me: Okay, but you can't drop any. If you drop a truck, next time we take two. Deal?

DS: Deal. *Handshake*

He negotiates everything these days, and I like him to win when he offers reasonable terms. I hear the word "deal" a few dozen times a day.

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