Suevv - that's sweet!

Ivy - I can see my DS saying something similar.

Re: careers - we were discussing this topic at dinner last night. DS7 said he couldn't think of what he wants to be, because he couldn't think of an easy enough job - because he doesn't want to work hard! He said he wanted something 'easy' like a letter-carrier (which to me sounds like a lot of hard physical work - but anyway...).

So I told him that if he found a job where he was doing something he enjoys it wouldn't seem like hard work. Then DD10 said "like, you could be a mathematician"! DS asked what that was and she said "You solve hard math problems all day".

DS: "Wow - that's like a real job? That's what I'll do then. Either that or a grade 3 math teacher - because I like grade 3 math!" (He's in grade 1).