Wellll, we did note that this was the thread for quirky, which I also took to mean idiosyncratic and downright strange. I didn't even share the part where she drew a picture today for her dad....

of Teddy, the cross-dressing teddy bear who is wearing a brilliant red thong, false eyelashes and fishnet stockings... It's Teddy's Geburstag* and she's ready to party! (eek...)

She was "inspired" this morning by a conversation that began with my DH making some quip about buying a thong... "what?? It's for my teddy..." (which I forget what prompted that, but anyway-- he often makes outrageous remarks like that for comic value).

I immediately pointed out that it's probably for Teddy's Geburtstag. That was all that it took for DD to get this.. er.. "vision" and go forward with it. Picture a classic Teddy Bear dressed as described and posed with paws on hips, if you will. It's not really naughty so much as just... odd. My DD has Surrealist leanings, in case her inner Baz Luhrman wasn't already obvious from her remaking of Hamlet and The Importance of Being Earnest (both of which I have posted about, I know).

She also had a lot of fun this past week writing as the beleaguered Mama Bear in her revisionist Goldilocks. Yup. Evidently, the day that the awful destructive girl broke in was... you guessed it, Teddy's Geburtstag. She ruined the party completely, trashed the cake and presents, and vandalized the house. He's going to need therapy to ever see a birthday card the same way again, evidently. wink

*For the uninitiated, my DD is a German student who is studying 'literature' at a first year level... so she's checking out children's books. Regenbogenfish and Teddy's Geburtstag among them. Those have provided us with the most entertainment value as a household. The Grimm's stories are just plain horrifying without much embellishment.

It's possible that AP Physics and the stress of the SAT on Saturday are making her a little punchy. Likely, even.

In case it hasn't become painfully obvious to anyone who reads my posts, I don't use a spell checker. I'm a neo-Luddite who doesn't believe in them. LOL. Even when I should. I also type far faster than my typing skills can actually support. blush

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