I am new here and had to register because of this topic. You are my people!!!! I have finally found a place to discuss funny things without people looking at me like I am a) bragging or b) crazy.

My dd (9 yrs) and dh are both gifted and well ... weird. Ugh I hate saying it that way but some days the two of them together just baffle me.

I am not dumb by any means but when I am around them I feel like Penny in the Big Bang Theory. I just don't get it.

My dh has been put under strict rules that he is not allowed to have anything to do with fire or explosives because he tends to not know how things are going to react, or if he does he just doesn't care, or he does care and thinks it really cool.

My dd is aggravated at school because the work isn't hard enough. I talk to dh about it and he just says "well she's right."

At 4 she was in her bath and asked me what the shape of water was. After I explained to her that it takes the shape of whatever it is in, my husband decided to jump in and explain to her that if it's in a vacuum it would form a bubble. She gave him a long suffering look and said, "Daddy you can't put water in a vacuum because it won't work anymore."

She was in 2nd grade and obsessed with science and did a book report over a book on energy then we had to explain to her what an atom was because she was trying to figure out what the smallest thing in the universe was.

Then there is the instances that just come out of nowhere when she asks me what a word in another language means and we have to look it up. Or she gets to wondering things like what are the numbers in Irish. I only had 1 year of high school German so I have know idea any other language.

She talks in her sleep which is too funny. She was 5 when she shouted out in her sleep "Rhumbus!" Or she wakes up with a question fully formed in her head that was bugging her. As soon as I answer her she goes back to sleep. She has no knowledge of any of these things the next morning.

Now she wants to make a Star Wars fan film starring her dad as Jedi knight in tie-dye robes. Huh? She thinks it will be funny.

I know there are more stories but so many things happen I can't keep track of them all.


"Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor