Here's one involving Legos, (and there's a dilemma in it for me) : Since the age of two I've gotten her small legos kits to assemble. By the time she was three she was assembling kits "designed for 8-12 year olds" and sometimes 14 year olds. Not being able to read very well, the age brackets went unnoticed. Now that she just turned 6 and can read, she sees that the kits I get her are for 10-14, or older. She's got this incredible sense of right/wrong and so she hands the kits back to me without even trying. She tells me she's too young for a particular kit. The ones for 6 year olds (if we can find one she didn't do when she was 2 or 3) are not even challenging. I wish they didn't put "6-12" or "8-12" so boldly on the boxes.