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Oh, the navigating! My husband and son are way off-the-charts visual spatial. I have aphantasia (never knew until a discussion in this forum, thank you folks!). Two years later, they are both still seriously freaked out by my inability - and I'll readily admit, I'm often rather jealous of theirs smile

I think that goes both ways. As a visual thinker...

- Give me turn-by-turn directions ahead of time, and unless I'm already familiar with most of the roads, you just wasted your breath. I forgot the first turn before you even finished describing the second one.
- Give me turn-by-turn directions in-transit, and unless I'm already familiar with most of the roads, I'll never find the place again.
- Give me a chance to look at a map, and not only will I be able to find the place forever, but I'll even be able to ad-lib if there are any obstructions.
Interesting! By way of contrast, give me turn-by-turn directions ahead of time and I plot them on a visual map in my mind. That way, I can refer back to it as I go along.

I love exchanging like this. I actually wish part of this forum were designated just for "chatting" like this. We are in a pretty good place for our DSs right now, so I don't "need" to come on here. And since I don't have that much experience, I can't contribute that much. But I love this sort of stuff and I wish there were more opportunities to just exchange points of view, random thoughts, etc. I am always eager to comment on all posts just to add my two cents' worth/engage in the conversation, but feel like I am too "chatty". I sort of feel like a pest. smile

You're not a pest, you're delightful! smile

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