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Our DDs should be friends! Mine likes to pull out the late night philosophical and scientific questions too - and my poor old brain has to struggle to pull out a dusty old grasp of concepts like karma and reincarnation, or whether the sun rotates smile I also do a lot of late-night googling to tell her the answer next morning (yes, the sun rotates!)

Has your DD read A Wrinkle in Time? There's a nice little scene where the characters jump through time and space and accidentally stop over in a two-dimensional world

We are reading A Wrinkle in Time right now! Poor old Charles Wallace has just been overwhelmed by the bad guy with the red eyes. We can't wait to hear how Meg, Calvin, and CW save Meg and CW's dad!
DD could use some friends right now - I can't imagine what conversations she would have if she could find her "peeps".