My DS just described to me his creative process. I asked him how does he write stories, how does he make them up. His answer was this (I recorded it without him knowing):

I’m at school doing a worksheet and I see something in my mind, and an intense moment processes through me which causes me to lose my mind, and the story over takes me, takes place in my body and kicks my mind out. I run around as I absorb the creative shock, I can then sit back down to go back to my school work after the creative shock goes through me. There are times I didn’t even realize I got up and ran around. My memory works really well because I remember the whole story and I can dictate it to you later. It hits me like that – I absorb the story. Then, I come back to reality and continue working – my story is saved for later, absorbed in my memory. And I might not be able to get it down for awhile but, in the meantime, I can absorb more creative shocks to my story until it becomes a storyline. And the storyline doesn’t come in order… it often doesn’t come to me in any kind of order, I have to put the puzzle together later. When I solve that puzzle I say, “okay it’s time to write this story.” That’s what happens, that is how it works. How does it work for you?

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