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Speaking to preschool teacher for DS3...

Teacher: he loves to pretend to read to the other kids.
Me: He does read fluently.
Teacher: It's almost like he can! Any book we pull up, he remembers the story -- word for word!
Me: He actually can read.
Teacher, laughing: He sure makes it look that way, doesn't he!

Determined, isn't she?

Although we have some great librarians locally, one is a real dud. She kept encouraging me to read toddler board books to DS23mo when he was about 18mo until, one day, she handed him a counting book with rainbow butterflies, which he read in front of her, enumerating the butterflies and identifying colours. It was as though she didn't see him do this because she asked, "Are you going to check it out?" Umm...no. What possible value would he get from it?

I wanted to knock on her forehead like a cantaloupe. Bad Mummy! wink

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