DD14's "artistic vision" today:

"I title this panel.... "Ew."

She is turning a head shot of the Flying Monkey into... er...

well, Marylin Monroe. A la Warhol, I mean.

Dogs, lacking opposable thumbs, should NOT wear eye makeup. They have terrible taste.

Yup. Hair-ilyn Monroe.

She's aiming squarely at "WTH is THAT??" as a viewer response. Who says that photography isn't art?

She has just apologized to me for turning out to be a Surrealist at heart... and is now playing the emo-kazoo, with piano accompaniment. She spent the morning with my DH and a bunch of adults, including a respected textbook author and emeritus professor of entomology, happily educating the public about honeybees.

My kid. She's quirky all the way to the bone.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.