I am not really sure if this is considered "gifted" but it was a very good display of how DS5's mind works.

Our dog ate a roly poly (aka pill bug).

DS: What do you think happened to it?

Me: What do you think happened to it?

DS: Well, it was swallowed whole. Dogs don't have molars like us. Even though they eat dog food now, they are still like their wolf ancestors in that their teeth are more for tearing flesh and swallowing it whole. They have large stomachs so it isn't going to get too mashed up in there.

DS: Hey, do you think they have a stronger stomach acid to make up for their lack of chewing?

Me: I have no idea.

DS: Some animals eat rocks to help with digestion. I don't think dogs do that though.

DS: Hey, do you think swallowed bone fragments could work like rocks?

Me: I don't know. Maybe you can ask the vet next time.

DS: Anyway, I am thinking the exoskeleton would make it into the small intestine whole. The villi would go to work on the protein and other nutrients from the dissolved middle but I really think the exoskeleton would make it all the way through. It would be hard to know though, you know? Once the large intestine removes the moisture it is probably going to just be a tiny clear shell like thing. It would be almost impossible to find mixed in with all the other waste.

Me: Uh...you aren't going to try to find a dead bug in the dog poop are you?

DS: No way! That would be super gross.

This is an example of a very typical conversation with him. I know that according to his test scores he is considered gifted and some people might even think that a five year old thinking through "what happened to the bug my dog ate" in this way is a sign of being gifted, but I have no idea what to do about it.