HK, Emily also chooses the power of flying .... every.single.time!

I just remembered a little anecdote that was not so much intelligent as just plain quirky and funny.

I was at DD's dance recital and was stage mom so I was sitting in the holding room with the dancers in my DD's group. My sister came back and said hello and wished my DD luck and took some pictures.

About 30 minutes later DD asks me how my sister got backstage.

Tongue in cheek, I told her that she probably sneaked past security. (Mind you, there is absolutely no security there except for the stage moms).

DD says in the most serious tone: Wow, the security here really sucks!!

Even though I don't like the word sucks, I honestly had to laugh. You would have thought by her over (reaction) that a deranged lunatic came back to wish her luck and not her aunt!!