The other day, we were at a large family event, and there was a magician to entertain the audience. My nine year old being one of the few kids there, he was selected to "assist" with a trick. The magician asked him how old he was and then asked "so what do you want to be?" The idea behind the gag being that the kid, beyond the age of answering "fireman" or "race car driver" is unsure and says nothing, the magician says "ten, right?" - cue laughter from the audience.
Only, my kid, not missing a beat, clearly and confidently said "astrophysicist". The magician went "Ten....what?!!". Kid, pleasantly and confidently, repeats "astrophysicist". Magician, nonplussed, looks at the audience, which, mostly composed of the kid's physician grandfather's old friends, doesn't bat an eyelid and pleasantly and confidently looks back at him, waiting for the show to go on. Magician goes "so, um, astrophysicist. Haven't had that one before." Another pleading look at the audience finally elicits a few laughs and he goes on with the show, and kid, who does have comedy bone in his body in addition to his interest in science, does great at assisting him.
Only mom, a few rows back, almost falls off her chair with suppressed laughter. Poor magician.

My nine year old wants to do physics at Oxford, UK, then go on to work at CERN in Switzerland. I can totally see him at both places. Hope we can afford the former!