A few months ago I told my DS5 a story about my mother at her local golf course. She was planting some geraniums at the snack shack between the 9th and 10th holes -- on her own dime I might add. A man came walking/running across the nearby practice green towards her (total faux pas to motor across a green like that). He was waving his arms and shouting at her "Sausage on a bun! Sausage on a bun!" He had clearly mistaken her for a snack shack employee and was in urgent need of sustenance. I always thought it was hilarious because I used to work there as a teen and I often found some of the golfers to be similarly ridiculous. Yesterday morning DS5 was eating breakfast when he spilled something and started saying "serviette! serviette!" I told him he could have one but that there are better ways to ask for one. Without missing a beat, he got a wickedly wonderful smile on his face and shouted "Serviette on a bun! Serviette on a bun!" He has such an amazing sense of humour!!