This morning I had this conversation with DS9 while I was laying in bed and he was running around the room, turning the lights on and generally not going along with my plan to delay Monday for a a few minutes.

me: DS, I'm not feeling very well, can you please shut the lights off and run around somewhere else
DS: how do I know you're not feeling well?
me: I have a sore throat, my voice is funny and I'm telling you that I'm not feeling well
DS: well if I say I feel weightless it doesn't mean it is true. If I'm in a forest and it is so dark I can't see the trees, how do I know if they are still there, they might be gone and then I'm not in a forest, ....

not sure what else he managed to go on about because DH kicked him out but oiiii, 6am Monday is too early for these conversations.