We've been working on self-care with DS3.5 and, when he was running around for a few minutes laughing his head off at having his bum half out of his pants, I began to grow exasperated, as we were planning to go out.

DS noticed my frustration, ran up to me, and said (to himself aloud), "is Mama happy? She looks angry."

To me: It's okay Mama, you're feeling angry. Just breathe out for me, okay? Let the anger go. Now breathe in happiness. One more time: breathe out the anger, breathe in the happiness. Now, how do you feel?

At this point, any memory of impatience had long since disappeared. I told him I felt much better and thanked him for coaching me. We hugged, and then I watched in amazement as he returned to age-typical antics. He is very much a sweet little boy with old soul moments.

What is to give light must endure burning.