I've been converted. We've been binge watching My Little Ponies.

Now that I know who is who, I asked DD4 which pony she is most like and she gave me an interesting answer:

DD: I am a little bit like all the ponies. I can be fun loving like Pinkie Pie but I can also be quite shy like Flutter Shy. I can be bossy like Rainbow Dash but I can also be thoughtful like Applejack. I can be a fashionista like Rarity. I like reading books like Twilight Sparkle. I am a real human, not a pretend pony, so I am more than just a character but if I were to pick one, it'd be Princess Luna.

Me: But she used to be so evil and power hungry.

DD: I know but that doesn't matter. She raises the moon. I want to have the same power.

I don't think she has been reading anything on Jungian archetypes but she seems to be getting close to developing her own theory based on MLP.